Mariette Reineke
Mariette Reineke
Iris Pohl
Honey, it’s day 14

When trying to get pregnant becomes top priority, the fun of sex can fade in the regimen as Mariette shares.

Honey, it's day 14
Miracle: Being a mother at 57

How is it possible to give birth to a baby and parent her at the age of 57. Some kind of miracle? Well, yes and no.

Miracle: Being a mother at 57
Community parenting is enriching for all

“My life has always been with children, even though I don’t have them,” shares Iris.

Community parenting is enriching for all
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Welcome, take a seat, read and enjoy real-life intimate sharings from women—many of whom do not have biological children. These women speak of life-changing realizations on what it is to be a woman and what it is to be a mother. Through interviews with women all over the world Mariette explores what it is to let go of being a mother but also what it is to embrace motherhood as a way of living—with or without children—well beyond any stereotype. May you be inspired to hold the innate beauty of being a woman as sacred and free of any roles, ideals or pictures that may portray otherwise.

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Photo of community walking down the street together in summer

Is giving birth a prerequisite for true parenting?

At nearly sixty-two years of age, Mary-Ellen her life has been characterized by much contact with children and the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a…


A powerful song

The Woman I Am, performed by Deborah Savran, written by Michael Benhayon. (Original by GM Records.)

“The Woman I Am is a powerful song, written by a man, which activates something in both women and men that listen to it. It allows you to step into the celebration of your beauty. Regardless of the roles and pictures we have, or whatever is going on, even if you lose a child. That beauty can’t be touched.”

Deborah Savran (United States)
Deborah Savran

* Interview with Deborah coming soon.